ESN AON (National Defense University) in Warsaw, Poland has been founded in 2010 by a group of students willing to expand the reach of the LLP Erasmus programme on the University. At the time of establishment, it wasn’t an official ESN section yet. It was called Sekcja Studentów Erasmusa (SSE) – Erasmus Student Section and it was striving to become a member of the ESN family.

The section earned its respect by helping ESN PW (Warsaw University of Technology) in organizing ESNOLYMPICS – a Polish national sports competition with 11 teams from 1/3 polish ESN sections that came to Warsaw hungry for a victory.

In 2011 the section was recognized as an ESN section and now is doing its best, arm to arm with the NDU’s official International Office, to make the Erasmus Experience stay in your memory long enough to tell your grandchildren stories about your exchange in a polish university.

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