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Admission/registration procedures

If you wish to study at the AON (NDU) as an exchange student, you have to be enrolled at a higher education institution already. There has to be a bilateral agreement between the National Defence University and the student’s home university under the Erasmus+. Most exchange students come to the AON through an international exchange programme such as Erasmus or a governmental (MoD) agreement. We would advise you to contact your own educational institution to find out about the possibilities of studying at the AON (NDU) as an exchange student.

If you wish to study at the National Defence University under Erasmus+ programme your Institution must be partner for NDU. Check in your International Office if you are eligible to be accepted by the National Defence University because you must be nominated by home coordinators.  Please note that we need official nomination e-mail from Erasmus Coordinator at your University.


National Defence University offers online application only for nominated students. Process is easy and has a dozen steps you have to go through in order to Erasmus+ procedures (in English).

Rekrutacja on-line

The following documents (generated by online application) should be attached and sent to the AON by post:

1 . Application form The application form should be printed and signed by the student and the Erasmus Coordinator from the home university.
2.  Learning Agreement

Please send all the documents to the following postal address no later than 21st June (for winter semester) or 10th December (for summer semester):
National Defence University
Office of Erasmus+ Programme
Al. Chruściela 103
00-910 Warsaw

After that they will get an official invitation (Letter of Acceptance) and information materials.



No visa is required to enter or to study in Poland.


Please apply for a student visa in your home country. Please do not enter Poland on a tourist visa.

An overview of specific requirements for each country may be found at the Internet page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland.



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